Cafe-Style Beverage Cartons – Intelligentsia Coffee is Venturing into the Ready-to-Drink Category (

Intelligentsia Coffee was inspired by some of its customers’ favorite cafe-style beverages served at its coffee bars when creating its new range of ready-to-drink products. There’s Cold Coffee, which captures the aroma and complexity of flavors through flash chilling to perfectly preserve notes of caramel, lime and cherry, as well as ready-to-drink lattes with a splash of plant-based milk.

At the brand’s coffee bars, it’s said that “Oatly beverages make up 13% of orders.” As such, the new trio of ready-to-drink coffee beverages also includes a rich and creamy Oat Latte and the Spiced Oat Latte, based on a menu item that was introduced in 2018 and quickly became a fan favorite choice thanks to its comforting seasonal notes of cinnamon, vanilla, orange and ginger.



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