Non-Americans Are Sharing Common “This Only Happens In America” Things And It's Eye-Opening


Getting weirded out by nakedness:

“Now I’m not advocating for mass naturism, but if I’m I’m the changing area at the gym, I’m going to see naked people. If I’m at the pool getting changed, I’m going to see naked people. Hell, if you live with people, you’re probably going to see them naked at some point. Americans always freak out. It’s fine to be a little shy, but the fear of the human body is just weird!” — u/meehaja

People Are Sharing How They Get Back At Rude Customers At Their Jobs

Chipotle worker:

“I work at Chipotle, so there’s a lot of stuff for rude customers. When someone is nice, I give them a little bit of extra meat with no charge, I’ll make sure not to forget anything you asked, be as fast as possible making your food, and even might give you large chips if you ask for regular. When you’re rude, you get more juice than beans, the smallest bit of meat, the brown, older guac, and the lightest chip bag with the littlest amount of chips. Ah, and I won’t fill your guac/queso container to the top.”—katrebel

I Blind Taste-Tested Wines Ranging From “Budget-Friendly” To “Out Of My League,” And Here's My Tipsy Wisdom

Final thoughts:

I know that some cheaper wines really do taste as if they cost $2 or $3. We’ve all fallen victim to one of those syrupy-sweet, hangover juices. But I was so excited to taste these affordable wines and find out that that’s not always the case! I’ve been finding that places like Lidl, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi carry some really spectacular wines that taste high quality and don’t break the bank. Don’t let anyone shame you for enjoying a $6 bottle of wine. As this experiment has taught me, price does not mean you will or won’t like something. Find what you like and what works for you, and enjoy it!