Saucy Lips makes no-sugar-added, keto-friendly, gluten-free and Whole30-approved spicy sauces in flavors like Ghost Pepper & Tamarind, Habanero & Carrot and Jalapeno & Green Apple. Of these three spicy sauces from the brand, Habanero & Carrot comes in as the hottest and Jalapeno & Green Apple is the mildest option. These clean, spicy sauces for cooking and dressing meals are powered by fresh ingredients, vinegar-free and made without any sweeteners—natural or artificial.

The spicy, vegan-friendly Ghost Pepper & Tamarind sauce may be spicy but the brand notes it uses additions like tamarind, carrots and raisins to turn down the intensity.

For those who prefer non-spicy sauces and dressings, Saucy Lips also offers clean and flavorful choices like Pineapple Thai, Tangy Mango and Zesty Cilantro Sauce.

Image Credit: Saucy Lips