Durable Titanium Cooking Plates – The Septem Titanium Camp Grill Comes in Two Size Options (TrendHunter.com)


Spending extended periods in the wilderness usually means having to lug cooking equipment that can be cumbersome, so the Septem Titanium Camp Grill is intended to provide campers with a distinctly more barebones alternative.

The grill is not a complete cooking system, but instead works by being placed directly above fires and fire pits to offer an expansive section for preparing a range of recipes. The high-grade titanium design of the unit means it can easily withstand high temperatures, but also gives it a lightweight construction that can be easily stowed and carried between uses.

The Septem Titanium Camp Grill comes in two size options including small and large, which weigh in at just 0.4-pounds and 0.9-pounds, respectively. This will make them perfect for avid backpackers or weekend warriors alike.

Credit:- https://www.trendhunter.com/rss/category/Lifestyle-Trends


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