Explorer Cyclist Camping Trailers – The ModyPlast 'Outdoors' Teardrop Camper Trailer is Streamlined (TrendHunter.com)


The ModyPlast ‘Outdoors’ teardrop camper trailer is a camping and exploration-friendly solution for avid cyclists looking for a way to take to their favorite route or a new location with confidence. The trailer features a fiberglass or carbon fiber chassis and can be easily towed by a bicycle to allow riders to explore off-road environments with ease. A 13.2-inch ground clearance supports riders who are exploring demanding locations, which is further enhanced with a set of Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires.

The ModyPlast ‘Outdoors’ teardrop camper trailer features ample space inside for stowing gear when in motion, while also providing a safe place to sleep at night. The trailer also features a solar panel for capturing energy to power interior LEDs for a cozier, eco-friendly feel.

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