Just 24 Super Unique Geeky Engagement Rings

Level up with unique rings that gamers, fantasy-lovers, and sci-fi nerds will adore.

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An engraved tungsten Super Mario band because marriage is having a designated Player Two for life.

Vanseden Jewelers

Vanseden Jewelers is a family-run small biz creating unique wedding bands for both men and women. They specialize in traditional, contemporary, and alternative metal rings and hard-to-find inlays for a unique touch.

Get it from Vanseden Jewelers $249 (originally $399; available in sizes 3.5–15 and in five widths).


A mixed-metal Triforce ring that’s so gorgeous you’ll never want to be without it. And why would you? It’s dangerous to go alone.

Gold and Silver Co. / Etsy

Gold and Silver Co. is a Tampa, Florida-based small biz run by Jino Vazquez creating fine gemstone jewelry right here in the USA.

Promising review: “Jino was more than happy to work around my requests, and turned out this bad boy super quickly. The quality is incredible and the white sapphire sparkles like a dream. Very very happy, thank you Jino!” —Margaret Kosztelnik

Get it from Gold and Silver Co. on Etsy for $699+ (available in sizes 2–16 and in three styles).


A Harry Potter-inspired halo ring with nods to Hermione’s time-turner necklace that’ll make it feel like time has stopped whenever you look at it. It’s that mesmerizingly beautiful.

Grace Alchemy / Etsy

Grace Alchemy is a Wappingers Falls, New York-based small biz run by Grace Walters, who creates gorgeous fine jewelry (many of which are nerd culture-inspired) out of 100% recycled metal and conflict-free diamonds and gemstones.

Promising review: “Grace was absolutely amazing through this entire process. Thank you for helping make this magical moment happen. ” —Jean-Claude Yordan

Get it from Grace Alchemy on Etsy for $2,995+ (available in sizes 3–13 and four finishes).

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An enamel-accented PlayStation 5 ring so even if you haven’t managed to snag an in-stock PS5 yet, you can still enjoy its futuristic aesthetic anytime, anywhere.

Cicmil Crowns Jewelry

Cicmil Crown Jewelry is an Ontario, Canada-based small biz creating high-quality custom jewelry, with a sister website dedicated entirely to geek-themed jewelry.

Get it from Cicmil Crown Jewelry for $740 (available in sizes 7–10, three finishes, and in six gemstone styles).


A slim diamond-encrusted Arya ring inspired by the independent princess from Game of Thrones who I think would very much approve of this elegant yet easy style.

Selin Kent

Selin Kent is the eponymous label of Selin Kent, selling fine jewelry handmade by artisans in New York City using responsibly sourced precious stones and recycled metals. Every piece is designed with a muse in mind, inspired by powerful and talented women who have left their mark.

Get it from Selin Kent for $585 (available in sizes 5–8 and in three finishes).


A fairytale Rapunzel amethyst ring for fans of the movie Tangled who’ve ~got a dream~ of owning the most beautiful ring in the kingdom.

All Things Geek Chic / Etsy

All Things Geek Chic is a San Diego-based small biz run by Lauren, who designs and creates fandom-based fine jewelry from Mickey Mouse necklaces to Harley Quinn earrings.

Promising review: “I bought this as an engagement ring for my girlfriend because she LOVES Tangled. The ring is so beautiful and I appreciate the seller’s quick communication throughout this virus outbreak. I can’t wait to propose with such a beautiful ring :)” —Amanda Worthington

Get it from All Things Geek Chic on Etsy for $260+ (available in sizes 3–12 and in three finishes).


An Iron Man arc reactor ring powered by an aquamarine core to make you feel as strong and in-control as one of the Avengers. You might not be able to fly, but you can dominate that work presentation.

Jewelry by Johan / Etsy

Jewelry by Jonah is an Oakdale, Minnesota-based small biz founded in 2008. Launched by Jonah Rust and his wife, the company has expanded to include more members of the family including his daughter and son-in-law. They pride themselves on stellar customer service and every ring is handmade in the USA.

Get it from Jewelry by Jonah for $1,959 (available in sizes 4–13 and in two finishes).


A two-tone Luke Skywalker-inspired band with details from the hilt design of a lightsaber that uses the power of The Force to elicit constant compliments, “oohs”, and “aahs”.

Star Wars Fine Jewelry

Get it from Star Wars Fine Jewelry for $1,999 (available in sizes 9–11).


A mixed metal d20 dice ring for tabletop gamers ready to tackle their next encounter — a proposal. Take a deep breath and roll for initiative.

mooredesign13 / Etsy

mooredesign13 is an Atascadero, California-based small biz run by Austin Moore who designs and creates handmade jewelry using certified fair trade and recycled materials whenever possible.

Promising review: “Beautiful matching d20-rings and exactly what I was looking for! The order and all arrangements for the customization worked well and smooth. Thank you!” —Antje-Kristin

Get it from mooredesign13 on Etsy for $259+ (available in sizes 4–13 and in four finishes).


A glittering Poké Ball ring made with white sapphire, ruby, and a ready-made proposal line built-in: “I choose you!”

Shine Swap Custom Rings / Etsy

Shine Swap Custom Rings is a Tampa-based small biz selling a wide range of unique rings to match a medley of personalities and interests. They also will do custom orders!

Promising review: “This ring is absolutely amazing. It’s even more stunning than the picture shows. There was also amazing communication from the seller every step of the way and they were quick to respond to any questions.” —Caitlin Warne

Get it from Shine Swap Custom Rings on Etsy for $495+ (available in sizes 3–14 and in four finishes).


A fierce gold Dragon Ball ring encrusted with white diamonds and ruby stars if an out-of-this-world Super Saiyan proposal is what you’re after.

Paul Michael Jewelry Designs / Amazon Handmade

Paul Michael Jewelry Designs is a small jewelry business based in Pittsburgh and run by Paul Michael Bierker, a designer and goldsmith who has always had a passion for technology, and prioritizes staying at the forefront of the latest technological innovations and techniques.

Get it from Paul Michael Jewelry Designs on Amazon Handmade for $1,215 (available in sizes 4–8.5 and in four finishes).


An elvish diamond ring created by the legendary studio who made the original One Ring for The Lord of the Ring movies. This one comes engraved with an Elvish love poem, so excuse me while I go plan my picturesque New Zealand wedding.

Jens Hansen

Get it from Jens Hansen for $1,769+ (available in sizes 4–13, three finishes, and four diamond qualities).


A naga diamond ring because if you can’t be The Mother of Dragons you can at least flaunt a glittering gold one on your left hand.

John Hardy

Get it from John Hardy for $5,650 (available in sizes 5–8).


A Black Panther-inspired band designed to look like the one T’Challa inherited upon becoming king. I mean, who wouldn’t want a ring fit for Wakandan royalty?

Metal Wendler / Etsy

Metal Wendler is a small biz based in Sebastopol, California and run by Josh Wendler who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Colorado State University. The shop specializes in unique fantasy, elven, and skull wedding rings using eco-friendly materials like recycled silver and gold whenever possible.

Promising review: “True professional. Quality of the ring is incredible and shipped much quicker than estimated. Everything from the communication to the packing/shipping was just great. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to shop with Josh again.” —Moregan Laughery

Get it from Metal Wendler on Etsy for $255 (available in sizes 4–13 and in four finishes).


A retro asymmetric Tetris band if the thought of falling tetromino blocks brings you a nostalgic sense of joy and not anxiety-inducing panic.

mooredesign13 / Etsy

Promising review: “The ring is excellent! It looks great as my husband’s wedding band. Arrived in Canada quickly as well. We are very glad we purchased it.” —Jasmine Dean

Get it from mooredesign13 on Etsy for $534.00+ (available in sizes 3–14 and in three finishes).


A two-part DNA diamond ring for science lovers looking to prove once and for all that smart *definitely* is sexy.

Alien Forms Jewelery / Etsy

Alien Forms Jewelery is a small biz based in Israel and run by Omer Nainudel, a jewelry designer and illustrator creating unique pieces inspired by science-fiction and fantasy.

Get it from Alien Forms Jewelery on Etsy for $2,300 (available in sizes 0–16 and three finishes).


A Doctor Who style inspired by the iconic blue and white of the Tardis that any companion (time-traveling or not) will have only one response to: 😍

Razo’s Ring Shop

Razo’s Ring Shop is a one-man show run by Gabe Razo, who handmakes gorgeous rings, many of which are inspired by nerd culture and Disney (he has more traditional styles, too).

Get it from Razo’s Ring Shop for $799 (available in sizes 4–12 and in three finishes).


A limited-edition Starship Enterprise ring that’s unlike anything this galaxy has seen before. You’ve found the ring. Now go grab your favorite Trekkie and live long and prosper, together.

Paul Michael Jewelry Designs / Amazon Handmade

Get it from Paul Michael Jewelry Designs on Amazon Handmade for $1,715 (available in sizes 4–8.5 and in two styles).


Camellia is a small Israel-based business staffed by a team of jewelry-lovers creating gorgeous and unique fine jewelry using strictly conflict-free diamonds certified via the Kimberley Process.

Promising review: “This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The LED light in the ring’s box alone made it worth it. The ring itself was breathtaking and my fiance loves it. She couldn’t stop looking at it once she put it on. I was hesitant to buy a masonite stone rather than a diamond however once I saw it in person I was very happy with my decision. This was one of the best purchases I The detail of the ring is also amazing. I will definitely be purchasing jewelry from here again. ” —Ryan W.

Get it from Camellia for $1,220+ or from CamelliaJewelry on Etsy for $1,342 (available in sizes 3.5–13 and in three finishes).


A swirling Air Tribe ring to pay homage to your real first love, Avatar Aang, and the mythical flying bison you’re still holding out hope could be discovered in time for the wedding. Yip yip!

Vanraay / Etsy

Vanraay is a London, Canada-based small biz headed by Miranda Scott, whose shop focuses on all the things she loves most — rock climbing, geeky nostalgia, and sustainability! All of her jewelry creations use recycled precious metals and lab-created gemstones to lessen her business’s impact on the earth.

Get it from Vanraay on Etsy for $718.69+ (available in sizes 4–9 and in six styles).


An intricate Wonder Woman ring that’ll really have you ~wondering~ if bullet-proof gauntlets are appropriate wedding attire.

Glorious Jewel Online / Etsy

Glorious Jewel Online is a Poland-based small biz run by a husband and wife-duo who design and create beautiful and intricate fine jewelry — custom orders included!

Promising review: “Delivery was very prompt and the quality and style of the ring was perfect. Customer service is excellent, quick responses on messages and very helpful.” —jodie laplante

Get it from Glorious Jewel Online for $208.10+ (available in sizes 4–13 and in nine styles).


A sparkling pink sapphire ring etched with motifs from Sailor Moon, like bows and the iconic Crisis Moon Compact, to make catching glimpses of your left hand about 1,000x more exciting.

Sapphire Design Studio / Etsy

Sapphire Studios Design is a Melbourne, Australia-based small biz creating artistic jewelry designs often inspired by the team’s favourite literature, artists, or poets. Their goal is to create jewelry that is different, but still undeniably luxurious and beautiful.

Promising review:This ring really exceeded expectations! Looks even more beautiful in person. Shipped fast from Australia to United States and arrived just on time when I needed it most! My fiancé said yes to my engagement and she really does adore the ring as well. Thanks, Sapphire Studios!!!” —Ryan

Get it from Sapphire Design Studio on Etsy for $2,404+ or from Sapphire Design Studio for $2,113+ (available in sizes 4–11 and in nine styles).


A sterling silver Ritual of Mara ring fans of The Elder Scrolls might recognize as the symbol of the Divine of Love, herself. Fortunately, you can skip the pilgrimage to her temple and get straight to the proposal and subsequent happily-ever-after.

Bethesda Gear

Get it from Bethesda Gear for $85 (available in sizes 5–11).


A titanium circuit board band because a tech whiz is like a modern-day wizard, and that’s a superpower worth showing off.

Alchemy Metalworks

Alchemy Metalworks is a small independently-run studio on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan. their focus is to create unique, high-quality jewelry utilizing premium materials and a wide range of customization options.

Get it from Alchemy Metalworks for $199 (available in sizes 4–14 and three widths).

Get a ring that’ll make you wanna go:


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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