One of the newest products from Megababe is the Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer, which is FDA-approved and includes the recommended amount of alcohol as set by the CDC. Notably, the product uses plant-based alcohol and nourishing botanical ingredients like collagen-boosting sweet almond oil, antioxidant-rich marula oil and healing geranium oil. The clean and cruelty-free formula avoids the use of filler ingredients and questionable ones like PEGs, EDTA, parabens and sulfates.

To make it easy for people to always have sanitizer on hand, Megababe sells a larger version of the product, the Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer Pump, which doubles as a refill.

Brands with expertise in making skincare and body care products are now creating sanitizing solutions and doing so in a way that applies their expertise in soothing and supporting the skin.

Image Credit: Megababe